Our Processes

Our inspired designs are built with superior materials and processes by seasoned and talented construction teams. 
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Developing Land

Having developed more than 40 of Houston's finest communities, Mr.Kickerillo and his team draw on more than 50 years of experience in developing land for both commercial and residential development. Mr. Kickerillo still personally scouts locations and is very hands-on throughout the entire development process. We partner with a number of companies with extensive development experience including Mischer Investments, Brown & Gay Engineers, and Kerry R. Gilbert & Associates.


Lot Selection

The experienced, friendly and knowledgeable team at Kickerillo Companies will work with you and/or your Realtor to find the perfect lot to build your home. We know everything there is to know about lot selection and the detailed preparation of the land for the construction of your home. With our “Build on Your Land” program, it's now possible to build the Kickerillo home of your dreams virtually anywhere. Contact the Kickerillo office for more information about building on your land.



Probably the most important thing you need to know about a new home in Houston is how the foundation was constructed.  Kickerillo prides itself on the high quality pier and beam foundations or the post tension slabs that they pour on each home.  We anticipate and prevent as much foundation movement as possible because repairing a foundation is more costly than building it correctly in the first place. Every Kickerillo foundation carries a 10-year, fully transferable warranty.



The quality of materials and construction expertise are the reasons why Kickerillo frames stand up to Houston's humid climate. A solid frame built from top grade materials will not bow, warp, shrink, or vibrate. When the frame is square, plumb, and level, the floors are flatter and quieter, the ceilings are smoother and the walls have a firmer feel. We start with #2 grades of purple studs or Temple studs. These pine studs are stronger and straighter than fir studs, they have fewer knots and they can carry heavier vertical loads; plus, each stud is hand selected and sealed with a distinctive fuscia-colored paint that provides extra weather resistance.



Kickerillo only uses genuine stucco that is applied by hand, not sprayed. Although stucco is a porous substance, it holds up well in wet conditions and dries easily without causing damage to the structure. Our eight-step stucco process stands up to Houston's erratic weather conditions and uses new substrates to strengthen the final product. There is no substitute for this level of craftsmanship. We give homeowners the peace of mind that Kickerillo stucco exteriors are built to last.



Featuring composite architectural shingles or terra cotta tiles, Kickerillo roofs extend from the design of the house to add proportion, shape, texture, and color in harmony with the overall structure.

The roof is all about protecting the home from wind, water and fire, and in Houston this means protection from hurricane force winds, torrential rain storms, scorching heat, and sub-tropic humidity. Our tenured roofing professionals have worked together for decades and have our process down to a science and an art.

Roof construction is a combination of craftsmanship and advanced science that not only provides superior weather protection, strength and durability but also contributes to the architectural profile of the home. Kickerillo uses low slope hipped roofs to establish visual continuity throughout each community.



The new emphasis on the bedroom extends into the bathroom with tubs under-mounted in platforms, granite countertops, customized wood cabinetry, separate showers with two showerheads and body massaging spray jets, and larger 18 to 20-inch cuts of porcelain and marble tiles.



Bedrooms entrances are approached through an open space that serves as a multi-purpose area for family movies, games, entertainment, and casual lounging. The long narrow hallways of the 1950's and 60's have now expanded to morph into "great rooms" surrounded by satellite bedrooms that are connected through their bathrooms.



Today's kitchens have grown up to become "real" rooms in the house. They have more space and architectural interest. Ours are modern interpretations of the Tuscan kitchen in that they have plenty of room to move; open island designs; emphasis on outdoor views; lots o natural light; tile or hardwood floors; customized oak, maple or ash cabinets; granite countertop work areas; organized kitchen storage; and butler's pantries.



For over 20 years, interior designer Jenifer Hungate has helped more than 2,000 Kickerillo families select every design detail before moving into their homes. Room by room, she guides them through the process of choosing colors, paint techniques, granite countertops, wood for cabinets and built-in shelving, lighting, window treatments, floorings, faucets and fixtures. Kickerillo provides each new resident with several complimentary interior design consultations based on the style of home they have purchased.



Residential lighting is one of the most powerful design tools. Today's lighting is more interconnected with home design than ever before. Outdoor lighting enhances particular architectural features of the home's structure, greets visitors at the front entrance and provides extra security around the perimeter of the home. Interior lighting orchestrates the color, shape, texture, and mood of each room in the house. To help every new family organize their lighting strategy, Kickerillo provides a lighting allowance based on the square footage of their home.


Outdoor Kitchen

Our spectacular outdoor kitchens are designed as the perfect compliment to your Kickerillo home. Transform your beautifully landscaped and spacious backyard into a unique and comfortable space perfect for entertaining your family and friends. Our team of experts can create the perfect outdoor oasis to fit your needs. Entertaining has never been easier when you have everything within arms reach—refrigerate, prep, grill, cook and serve without ever leaving your backyard!



The first step in landscaping a Kickerillo home is to survey the drainage situation. The location of the gutters and rainspouts dictate placement of the beds in the front of the home. To protect the foundation, the landscape must never interfere with water runoff from the house.

We meet with the buyer four or five times to discuss specific landscape details before we start. Kickerillo homeowners receive an allowance to be applied to the initial landscaping and many hire Kickerillo's beloved landscaper, Opal McDonald to come back two or three times a year to change out the beds for the season.

All Kickerillo homes feature Rain Bird automatic sprinkler systems to water the St. Augustine sodded grass and planted beds in the front and back yard.