Our History

Vincent D. Kickerillo has been guided by several philosophies throughout his life, but the one closest to his heart is “God takes me where I need to be.” This is fitting for the builder, developer and investor, who at the age of 13 left the family farm in Bryan, Texas to seek his fortune. Born in 1929 to an Italian sharecropper, Kickerillo knew the only means to success was through hard work and determination. This drive led him to take his first job at Western Auto in Bryan, Texas followed by a job at Hughes Tool Company in Houston. At age 16, Kickerillo joined the Merchant Marines and worked his way to second engineer, which allowed him to travel the world for the next 12 years. During his time as a mariner, he learned to play poker and eventually won enough to build his first home upon his return to Houston in 1957. Soon after, Kickerillo Companies was in the booming business of real estate development and home construction. In 1964, Kickerillo bought his first bank, which eventually expanded into a wide variety of financial services, which included insurance, mortgage financing, and savings and loans. Five decades later, Kickerillo Companies has developed some 20,000 lots and built more than 15,000 homes in more than 40 communities. In addition, it has developed more than 1,000 acres of commercial property including shops, churches, schools and recreational facilities. Kickerillo has had a profound impact on the growth of Houston and the trends of the up-scale housing market. In addition, the company offers charter aviation services, making it easy for one to travel in comfort and luxury. As the company moves forward, its focus remains on developing real estate, building custom homes in residential communities and the “Build on Your Lot” program, as well as other commercial endeavors. Kickerillo truly believes God has taken him exactly where he needs to be—working next to his wife, Mary, and daughter, Kelli, overseeing a successful real estate empire.